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There are currently 583 Iowans waiting for an organ transplant.

Give the Gift of Life

Working Together to Transform Lives ThroughOrgan & Tissue Donation

As Iowa’s sole organ procurement organization, we facilitate both organ and tissue recovery and serve as the state’s primary contact for organ, tissue and eye donation.

CONTRIBUTE Putting your dollars to work

This can help provide a donor family with a recording of their loved one's heartbeat inside a pillow.


This can help us with our education and outreach efforts to inspire more Iowans to donate life.


This can help us train 10 new volunteers to spread the word about donation in communities across the state.


Faces of Donation

  • Alma and Brian Brunson Thumbnail Image

    Alma and Brian Brunson

  • Angel Dominguez Thumbnail Image

    Angel Dominguez

  • Beckham Scadlock Thumbnail Image

    Beckham Scadlock

  • Daylea Herring Thumbnail Image

    Daylea Herring

  • Hailey Steimel Thumbnail Image

    Hailey Steimel

  • Jim Steinberg Thumbnail Image

    Jim Steinberg

  • Joey Gase Thumbnail Image

    Joey Gase

  • Kim Burdakin Thumbnail Image

    Kim Burdakin

  • Linda Harvey Thumbnail Image

    Linda Harvey

  • Michael Schrodt Thumbnail Image

    Michael Schrodt

  • Stacy Henkelman Thumbnail Image

    Stacy Henkelman

  • Suzanne Conrad Thumbnail Image

    Suzanne Conrad

  • Terrell Jordan Thumbnail Image

    Terrell Jordan

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Our Vision:

All are inspired to donate life.