Keepsakes and Memorials

Our loved ones remain in our hearts even after they are gone but sometimes it is nice to have physical reminders we can touch or look at for comfort. 
This page was created to offer you a few creative keepsake or memorial ideas to help you honor and remember those who are dear to you. The products and businesses presented on this page are not endorsed by IDN.

Memorial Garden Items

Place a memorial to your loved one in your yard.

Metal Art

Religious Plaque 

Outdoor Signs

Garden Flag

Burlap Memorial Flag

Wind chime

Memorial Tree Planting 

Plant a living reminder of your loved one in your own back yard or in a national forest. 

Project 52   

A Living Tribute  

The Trees Remember

Seeds of Life

Arbor Day Foundation

Trees for a Change

Jewelry Pieces 

Create a special piece of jewelry highlighting your loved one's photo, name or some other personalized reminder. 

Cafe Press

Legacy Bracelets

Etsy- Memorial Jewelry


Pinterest- Memorial Jewelry

Memory Quilts

Wrap yourself in a blanket or quilt made from several articles of your loved one'e clothing or other belongings.

Quilt Keepsake

T-Shirt Quilts of Texas

Custom Memory Quilts

Goose Tracks Quilts

Rhino Quilting  

Memory Bears

Cuddle with a teddy bear or some other stuffed animal that is designed using your loved one's clothing or other belongings.

Pinterest- Memory Bears

ReMinkie Memory Bears & Custom Keepsakes

Carrie Bears

Tammy Bears

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