Driver's Education Instructors

Life. Love. Legacy. Mark Yes. 

Iowa Donor Network is pleased to provide complimentary materials to Driver's Education instructors in Iowa. When available, IDN staff and volunteers can provide education to your class, both in-person or virtually. To request a speaker, please click here. We are grateful for these materials that were made possible by the Nicole Richardson Memorial Fund.

If you have any questions, email Anne Casey, Public Outreach Specialist at

The Need

An average of 20 people die every day due to the shortage of available organ donors in the US. There are currently more than 112,000 Americans waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. On average, a person is added to the organ transplant waiting list every 10 minutes.

The Good News

The majority of Americans have already registered as organ, tissue and eye donors giving hope to those in need. For many teenagers visiting a driver’s license issuance site is the first time they will be asked an adult question: "Would you like your ID or drivers license to show you as a registered organ donor?" Marking “Yes” gives legal consent to donate organs, tissues and corneas.

Education is Key

About 98 percent of Iowa's registered donors said "Yes" while applying for their driver's license. As driver's education instructors, helping the next generation of registered donors make an informed decision is key in helping to bring the waiting list down to zero. 

"Mark Yes" Driver's Education Classroom Resources

These resources are intended to be used by driver’s education instructors in the classroom and are available for download.

Driver's Education PowerPoint Presentation

Iowa Donor Network - Mark Yes Video

Additional Resources: 

Mark Yes - Quiz Mark Yes - Quiz (647 KB)

The 7 minute "Mark Yes" video (below) can be streamed online and is also embedded in the PowerPoint presentation. 

Our Vision:

All are inspired to donate life.