Organ Donation Consult

Please note that this page is intended for hospital professionals. If you reached this page by mistake, please return to our homepage.

Request an Organ Donation Consult:

Notify IDN at 800.831.4131 if your patient is on a ventilator and meets one of the following criteria:

  • Has lost 2 or more brain stem reflexes*
  • Has a Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) of 5 or less
  • Family asks about donation
  • Withdrawal of care conversation initiated by family or healthcare team

*Brain Stem Reflexes:
      • No pupillary response
      • No corneal response
      • No cough
      • No gag
      • No spontaneous respirations
      • No motor response
      • No response to ice water calorics
      • No doll’s eyes

Organ Donation Consult Card:

Our Vision:

All are inspired to donate life.