Medical Examiners

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The Role of MEs and MEIs in Donation

Medical examiners and investigators play a crucial role in the donation process. It is estimated that as many as 70% of potential donors, fall under medical examiner jurisdiction. As a medical examiner or investigator, you can have a direct impact on donation by referring all deaths that occur outside of a hospital to Iowa Donor Network. In doing so, you ensure that all Iowans are given the opportunity to leave a living legacy through tissue and eye donation.

Iowa Donor Network is committed to collaborating with you to ensure that all requirements for a medicolegal investigation are met while honoring the donation decisions of individuals and their families. Iowa Donor Network will work directly with your agency to develop procedures to ensure that your needs are met while still preserving the opportunity for donation. Please review the resources and references in this section and contact a member of our Professional Outreach team for further information or education.

To learn more about the impact of donation, please visit our Understanding Donation page.

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